Georgia Woman Describes Monkeypox Diagnosis: 'This Thing Is Spreading'

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A Georgia woman who has been recently diagnosed with monkeypox is speaking out about her symptoms. According to WSB-TV, this was the first woman in Georgia to have contracted the virus. There are now 504 people infected throughout the state, and only 4 of them are women. Camille Seaton said that when the spots started showing up on her face, she thought that it was just a breakout.

“I’m in the healing stages. As you can see my face is starting to scab up,” Seaton shared with WSB-TV. “I saw bumps break out and I kid you not, in this same array and I just thought it was a breakout.”

After experiencing chills, fatigue, and headaches, Seaton headed to the emergency room to be tested. Doctors told her that she had Monkeypox and would need to isolate while contagious. Though various theories are floating around regarding the way that the virus is spread, Seaton wanted to clear the record.

“I just want y’all to know that I did not do anything sexual to contract this disease. This thing is spreading. It’s here,” Seaton said.

Piedmont Healthcare Corporation Director Dr. Jayne Morgan, told WSB-TV that the virus can be spread many ways.

“You can get it from sharing towels and sharing linens, if the person who used the towel or slept in that bed is infected with the monkeypox virus,” Morgan shared. “The normal cleaning and disinfecting processes should be maintained.”

Monkeypox was declared an American public health emergency by the Biden Administration early this week.

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