Latina Woman Says Black Women Would Be ‘Winning Race’ If They Were Softer

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Social media users slammed a Latina woman who suggested Black women would be the "winning race" if they were softer.

The now-viral comment was made on the "A Little Inappropriate" podcast produced by NOISE TV Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. A clip from the podcast shows three Black men, and a white, Latina, and Black woman discussing relationships and dating culture during its 14th episode.

One of the podcasters claimed Black men tend to date outside of their race because they feel more supported.

“Unfortunately, when a lot of Black men do very well for themselves, they don’t appreciate the Black woman as much. But then they get a white girl and, all of a sudden, they’re faithful,” one of the men said.

"Well, I hate to say it, but it’s probably because the white woman is probably doing more,” the Latina podcaster chimed in.

“I’ve heard a lot of people have an issue with women of Black culture because, I’ve heard this personally, they don’t cater to their men,” she continued. “They give them attitude, and they are, like, standing up to their men, and they act like men. So, yeah, they’re gonna go to the other woman and value them more. The more feminine woman. The Latina. The white.”

Another male podcaster said he feels like it's a "song and dance" to prove that Black women that Black men are worthy.

“Can I just say one thing about Black women, though?" the Latina podcaster added. "Black women have the best bodies, some of the most beautiful faces, if they just sometimes were a little more soft, they would be the ‘winning race.'”

One of the male podcasters asked why she thinks Black women aren't soft. The Latina podcaster responded that she was unsure because she's not Black.

Social media users were critical of the podcaster's comments on Black women.

“Black women are mislabeled. We’re “hard” when we utilize strength. They’re labeled “spicy” when they do it,” one social media user said.

“Please don’t speak on us,” another wrote.

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