Ex-Husband Of 'Who TF Did I Marry?' TikToker Considering Legal Action

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The ex-husband of Reesa Teesa, who went viral over her series of TikToks about him, is breaking his silence over the sensational story and even hints at potential legal action in an exclusive interview with TMZ.

Jerome McCoy, who was dubbed "Legion" in Reesa's "Who TF Did I Marry" saga, claims the allegations his ex made about him are false. Across the 50-part series, Teesa detailed "red flags" she noticed throughout their dreamy-like relationship and six-month marriage, including accusations that McCoy fabricated his affluent career and wealth.

McCoy divulged that he and Teesa, identified in the article as Teresa Johnson, were having trust issues while they were still a couple. During reconciliation, she allegedly threatened to "expose" him if he didn't comply with her demands, which remain unclear. After he refused to relent to her demands, that's when she allegedly dropped the now-infamous online story.

The ex-husband claims the backlash from the "Who TF Did I Marry" videos reached his job at a hospital, where he works as a public relations professional. McCoy said he met with attorneys on Monday (February 26) to discuss potential legal action against Johnson. He also suggests his employer is considering a lawsuit, believing their reputation may have been harmed by the TikToker's tales.

Towards the end of the article, McCoy asserts he's not the person Johnson painted him to be in her video series, which racked up over 250 million views as of Tuesday (February 27).

Johnson has not responded to McCoy's side of the story at the time of reporting.

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